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Niello Silver Earrings, Long Tear Drop Hoops, Made in Siam

Niello Silver Earrings, Long Tear Drop Hoops, Made in Siam

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Vintage earrings in sterling silver with Niello handwork. Unlike most of the jewelry I've seen from Siam this pair of earrings has a modernist look. Very striking. I changed the screw-backs to earwires (they are white 14K gold-filled). I'll include the original screw-back fans. Hallmark: Sterling and Made in Siam

2.5" Long, measured from the top of the ear wire
1.25" wide, measured at the widest point

Measurement/Weight Approximate

About Niello (from the web)

Niello (from Latin: Nigellus = “blackened”) is a metallic alloy with sulfur which is used as a surface decoration technique which, much like enamel, is fused to a metal base. The luster of niello, however, is metallic instead of vitreous and it is much tougher than enamel. Niello comes in just one color – black of various tones – which contrasts highly with silver, the most popular base for niello work. Through the use of engraving, etching, chiseling or embossing techniques, an indentation is made in the work and filled with the black sulfide alloy. The methods used in niello are similar to émail champlevé and émail de taille d’epargné’, although most other enameling techniques can be used as well. Due to these similarities, niello is sometimes misnamed black enamel.

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