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Moroccan Tribal Silver Necklace, with Pendant

Moroccan Tribal Silver Necklace, with Pendant

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Moroccan necklace measuring 24" long and the double pendant measures 4.5" high and just over 1.5" wide. Its It's a fantastic piece I was told was sterling silver--but it is very common for these pieces to be silver, just not .925. I'm not sure of the exact silver content. When testing it remained dark, and it isn't magnetic at all. Length: 24"

A fellow collector shared some additional knowledge with me...the top one may have been the ornament from a woman's fibula (with the pin and ring removed), and the bottom is a louha, which is a protective plaque (like a khamsa, but usually without fingers at the bottom).

Weight: 23 grams

All measurements are approximate.

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