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Antique Champlevé Enamel Sterling Brooch

Antique Champlevé Enamel Sterling Brooch

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Exquisite antique Champlevé sterling silver brooch. The pin is festooned with a gold outline and bows. Tiny delicate blue flowers create the border. At the center is a single gold rose. Please see photos for details.

Hallmarks: Champlevé, Sterling, and three stamps.
Measurements: Just over 1.25" from top to bottom and 2" side to side.
Weight is a substantial 23.7 grams.

About Champlevé Enamel
The first step in Champlevé enamel is to carve out channels or engrave a design into a metal base. The metal base is thicker than it is in cloisonné enamel. Through the process of carving the metal a relief of an image is created. This relief is then filled with different colored enamels, usually opaque.

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